Embedded Reality Check:

Most deeply embedded applications or everyday measurement and control applications require:
  • 8- or 16- bit performance for the I/O channel
  • Small form factors
  • Low power consumption


CPU Throughput vs. Power Consumption



The Future: USB, I2C and SPI
Chipset roadmaps indicate the embedded market is on the cusp of a USB boom
  • USB is the leading HOST choice: ATOM, Pentium, ARM, Microcontrollers, PIC32, PIC24
  • USB is the leading CLIENT choice: Control, Mass Storage, and Communication…(Microchip, Delkin Devices, Trimble…)
  • USB is the leading SOFTWARE choice: Windows CE, Windows XP, Linux, Mentor Graphics, DDC-I, Microcontroller tool chains…
StackableUSB: The well-defined industrial USB channel
  • Lowest power processor platforms
  • Smallest form factors (1.85" x 1.78")
  • Energy conscious serial I/O buses: USB, I2C, SPI


Stackable CPU Performance Chart



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